Modest Swimsuits for Girls

As summertime is quickly approaching, everyone is starting to look forward to cooling off in the water, whether that be in their backyard pool, the creek, the beach, or with the sprinkler. And of course we all need something to wear to swim, right? But for those of us looking for more, um, conservative options … Continue reading Modest Swimsuits for Girls

A Few of Our Favorite Children’s Books

Hey, friends! I hope you're having a great start to Fall! It's still super hot and muggy here in Alabama, but the cotton is blooming so that means actual Autumn is officially on its way. This week I put together a list of just a few of our favorite books to read currently. We read … Continue reading A Few of Our Favorite Children’s Books

Davy’s Birth Story — A Home Birth + VBAC

He's here! Our little--or not so little!--David McKinley was born on May 1st, and we are thrilled to pieces about having him join our little family. I wasn't sure how soon I was going to sit down and write out my birth story, but I've had so many people already telling me that they're eager … Continue reading Davy’s Birth Story — A Home Birth + VBAC

Five Favorites – February 2019

I didn't get this started last month like I'd planned, but I've decided to try and start doing a "five favorites" post at the end of each month and link five things that I've been loving that month-- a drink, food, clothing item, beauty product, recipe-- whatever. So, here's February's (and the first of many!) … Continue reading Five Favorites – February 2019

Decluttering 101: Pantry + Refrigerator

Hello, friends! It's been a good while since I've posted anything, specifically in this Decluttering 101 series, and I apologize. I've got this and a few others planned and hopefully will get the set finished within the next month, so if you're still up for the decluttering challenges, stay tuned for more! Last time I … Continue reading Decluttering 101: Pantry + Refrigerator

Second Trimester Update + Name Reveal

It's already time for another trimester update?! Wow, this trimester practically flew right by! It was a full and busy time, but I do feel like this pregnancy is going a whole lot faster than my first. Even though the last month will probably feel like forever and a day. 20 Weeks This pregnancy has … Continue reading Second Trimester Update + Name Reveal