Our Favorite Snacks from ALDI

99% of the time, I shop at ALDI. I've shopped there since getting married and moving to a new city (we didn't have one in my hometown), and compared to other stores it's just really hard to beat their prices anywhere else, and now they have such a good selection of Organic and other good … Continue reading Our Favorite Snacks from ALDI


Decluttering 101: Kids Rooms

This may seem like the hardest one of this series if you have kids. My daughter only just turned three so it's still pretty easy to declutter things from her room without causing emotional chaos, but she has started noticing sometimes when I take something out so I have to be more careful with what … Continue reading Decluttering 101: Kids Rooms

Five Favorites – February 2019

I didn't get this started last month like I'd planned, but I've decided to try and start doing a "five favorites" post at the end of each month and link five things that I've been loving that month-- a drink, food, clothing item, beauty product, recipe-- whatever. So, here's February's (and the first of many!) … Continue reading Five Favorites – February 2019

Decluttering 101: Pantry + Refrigerator

Hello, friends! It's been a good while since I've posted anything, specifically in this Decluttering 101 series, and I apologize. I've got this and a few others planned and hopefully will get the set finished within the next month, so if you're still up for the decluttering challenges, stay tuned for more! Last time I … Continue reading Decluttering 101: Pantry + Refrigerator

Second Trimester Update + Name Reveal

It's already time for another trimester update?! Wow, this trimester practically flew right by! It was a full and busy time, but I do feel like this pregnancy is going a whole lot faster than my first. Even though the last month will probably feel like forever and a day. 20 Weeks This pregnancy has … Continue reading Second Trimester Update + Name Reveal

Top Ten Posts of 2018 + Life Update

Hey, y'all! So, I usually do a "top 10 posts" post at the beginning of January, but here it is the first of February! Better late than never, I guess. But first, a quick-as-I-can little life update! I've been posting a lot this months but haven't given many personal deets so here we go. Last … Continue reading Top Ten Posts of 2018 + Life Update

Decluttering 101: In the Kitchen

Good morning! Today we're going to be talking about decluttering in the kitchen-- specifically the small appliances and extra dishes, gadgets, and utensils we've probably got stuffed in our cabinets. (We'll tackle the pantry and refrigerator a bit in another post.) I'm sure you've heard of Marie Kondo and her new Netflix show, Tidying Up, or her … Continue reading Decluttering 101: In the Kitchen

Decluttering 101: Closets

Good morning, friends! Welcome back to Part 3 of the Decluttering 101 series! If you missed the first two posts, you can go back and check them out here: Decluttering 101: Where to StartDecluttering 101: Small, Practical Ways to Simplify I hope you've been encouraged by the little tidbits in these blog posts, and if … Continue reading Decluttering 101: Closets