Garden Update #6

We've had a lot of rain and sunshine this past week, so the garden has been happy about that and putting on blooms and veggies. The only problem is when I went out there yesterday, some cauliflower was wilting a bit and so were the squash plants. I think it was just a little too … Continue reading Garden Update #6


Garden Update #5

I had good intentions on posting an update last week, but then I got so busy I never got around to it. This week isn't looking any less busy--more so, actually--so I am going to go ahead and post a quick one while I've got a few minutes. First, let's just take a second and … Continue reading Garden Update #5

If My Daughter Has a C-Section Someday

My two year-old has just recently been potty-trained, and although she does really well most of the time, we’re still working out the kinks here and there, when she gets distracted or nervous. She sometimes gets afraid all of a sudden and I have to reassure her that it isn’t scary. One day recently was … Continue reading If My Daughter Has a C-Section Someday

Easter Weekend Shenanigans

Last week Cord had Spring break, and we had the best weather. We did yard work, ran errands together, and Friday we had a long overdue date--which included thrifting and coffee (and uninterrupted conversations), our favorite kind of date. On Saturday we attended a local egg drop (it's exactly what it sounds like--an egg drop--where … Continue reading Easter Weekend Shenanigans