Evelyn’s Birth Story — 2HBAC

We welcomed our third baby into the world this month and it was a whirlwind of a labor + birth! What was going to be a second home birth after Cesarean (2HBAC) in Tennessee (because of midwife-attended VBAC laws in Alabama) turned into an unassisted birth in our own home. My due date was August … Continue reading Evelyn’s Birth Story — 2HBAC

Davy’s Birth Story — A Home Birth + VBAC

He's here! Our little--or not so little!--David McKinley was born on May 1st, and we are thrilled to pieces about having him join our little family. I wasn't sure how soon I was going to sit down and write out my birth story, but I've had so many people already telling me that they're eager … Continue reading Davy’s Birth Story — A Home Birth + VBAC

Five Favorites – February 2019

I didn't get this started last month like I'd planned, but I've decided to try and start doing a "five favorites" post at the end of each month and link five things that I've been loving that month-- a drink, food, clothing item, beauty product, recipe-- whatever. So, here's February's (and the first of many!) … Continue reading Five Favorites – February 2019

Decluttering 101: Pantry + Refrigerator

Hello, friends! It's been a good while since I've posted anything, specifically in this Decluttering 101 series, and I apologize. I've got this and a few others planned and hopefully will get the set finished within the next month, so if you're still up for the decluttering challenges, stay tuned for more! Last time I … Continue reading Decluttering 101: Pantry + Refrigerator